About Us

Providing quality IT Solutions with over 40 years of industry experience.

Hive Group specializes in cloud-based software and mobile application development that help businesses of any size grow and scale exponentially. We believe that technology should be the catalyst for innovation and growth within any organization, so we work hard to create products that make your life easier.

Our team is made up of talented developers, designers, and project managers who are passionate about what they do. We take a collaborative approach to software development and believe that teamwork is the key to building great products. Through collaboration with our partners, we learn about their business, identify opportunities for innovation, and create solutions that solve real-world problems.

We have a special team for website development who has been involved in designing professional websites of all categories:

  • Web and Mobile Application
  • New Domain Registration
  • Data Text Synchronization
  • Website Development
  • Web & Email Hosting Services
  • Artificial Intelligence Web App

Our Mission

To be known as the best software company that delivers quality digital software solutions by creating and developing tools to sustain the needs of our clients.

Our Vision

Be recognized as a globally competitive development provider that gives excellent all-in software solution to support our client's entire business lifecycle.

Core Values

Be on a mission and never stop to make a difference...BEE the change!

Have a Heart that’s strong to face the challenges and embrace diversity, Innovate to adapt the fast-changing world of technology, with Values that showcase Honesty, Inclusivity, Integrity, and Loyalty.

A team that drives Excellence

  • As a result of high intention
  • A sincere effort
  • Intelligent direction
  • Skillful execution
  • Common vision to see obstacles as opportunities

Meet Our Leadership Team

We are a team of highly-motivated expert software developers that push the boundaries of technology and create enterprise web and mobile solutions that add real value to your business.

Brad Norman

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Brad is an exceptional visionary, renowned for his ability to propel organizations to unparalleled heights. With his remarkable strategic acumen and forward-looking mindset, he serves as the driving force behind our company's overall direction, igniting a sense of inspiration within the entire team to reach extraordinary achievements.

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Emily Brocoy

Chief Operating Officer

Emily is an outstanding professional with a dynamic nature, who excels in propelling business growth through cutting-edge marketing campaigns and fostering robust client relationships. She possesses an unwavering passion for empowering businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Sherwyn Ayao

Director of IS & Development

Sherwyn has been an advancing professional in the IT industry for over 20 years, having mastered numerous programming languages, web technologies, and tools. Innovative by nature, he has helped develop different solutions for our clients. Proving that with the right knowledge and tools, gaps can be mitigated through technology.

Why choose Hive?

We provide innovative solutions for business growth

Our Team

We are a team of highly-motivated expert software developers that push the boundaries of technology and create enterprise web and mobile solutions that add real value to your business.

Our Solutions

Our imaginative solutions are geared towards increased productivity and reduced cost, while allowing users to work anywhere, anytime on any device. We transform traditional business practices into smart cloud-based systems which can easily be adapted to meet the demands of the new digital age.

Business Focus

Our key focus is how we can make running your business easier.

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